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David Moran - 18 October 2021

HELP Award Semi Finalist

Mental Health Partners have been nominated for a HELP Award and have just heard the news that we've been selected...

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David Moran - 27 July 2021

FiveAA Interview with Tony Pilkington

How can we best support each other in times of lockdown? I recently spoke with Tony Pilkington on 5AA about...

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Deb Gleeson - 27 July 2021

Mental Health Partners nominated for a HELP Award

We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the HELP Awards, Celebrating outstanding contributions in Health, Engagement,...

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Deb Gleeson - 30 January 2020

How to support a child, who has a parent with a Mental Health problem

How to support children living with a parent who has mental health problems There are some simple things that we...

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Deb Gleeson - 15 April 2019

Elections are not good for the Nation's Mental Health!

The Election campaign may be detrimental to your mental health! During the period of the Election campaign over half a...

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Deb Gleeson - 16 February 2019

Refresh your Mental Health First Aid and extend your accreditation

Refresher courses are now available to people who have completed the 12 hours Standard Mental Health First Aid course. Refresher...

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Deb Gleeson - 28 June 2018

Family, Friends and Carers tips for helping......

Family, Friends and Carers assisting a person living with a mental health problem…..here's some tips for you. Mental illness can...

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Deb Gleeson - 22 May 2018

Gaming Addiction is a Mental Health Disorder

Gaming Addiction is a Mental Health Problem In June this year the World Health Organisation listed Gaming Addiction as a...

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Deb Gleeson - 22 May 2018

Hoarding is an anxiety disorder

Did you know that Hoarding is an anxiety disorder? Learn more about Hoarding. Hoarding is a type of Obsessive Compulsive...

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Deb Gleeson - 14 February 2018

Have you been wondering what you can do about suicide due of bullying?

4 hours of your time could change or save someone's life I was talking to David (my partner in Mental...

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Deb Gleeson - 11 January 2018

Putting the system back into the Mental Health 'system'

The Mental Health System doesn't have much 'system' to it. There is now a website that pulls all of the...

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Deb Gleeson - 17 December 2017

The best present you can give is your PRESENCE

Those difficult conversations with people you only see once a year…. Christmas is a time of year when you may...

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