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Deb Gleeson - 04 December 2017

supporting someone living with a mental health problem over the Christmas period

Wondering how to support someone living with a mental health problem over Christmas? Christmas can be a time of love,...

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Deb Gleeson - 19 November 2017

over 2 million Australians will experience an Anxiety Disorder in 2018

14.2% of Australians (over 2 million people) this year will experience an anxiety disorder. Only 35% of them will receive...

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Deb Gleeson - 05 November 2017

Help for those who have seen too much

 It's OK to be not OK Today I was at an event in the Adelaide Hills with 2 of my...

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Deb Gleeson - 15 October 2017

What happened on the couch?

What happened on the Mental Health Couch during Mental Health Week Hi Everyone, Well Mental Health Week has been here...

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Deb Gleeson - 08 October 2017

Come sit on our couch during Mental Health Week

Mental Health Couch for Mental Health Week Hi Everyone, It's Mental Health Week in Australia! This week the Mental Health...

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Deb Gleeson - 01 October 2017

Borderline Personality Disorder help finally for South Australia

South Australia is to get a Borderline Personality Disorder Unit. People living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and their families...

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Deb Gleeson - 25 September 2017

Chronic Pain and Mental Health

My daughter checks in with me about my chronic pain and discusses her concern about depression and mental health problems...

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Deb Gleeson - 10 September 2017

Research has shown that Gratitude builds happiness

The evidence is in, Gratitude increases happiness! Research has continually shown that the practice of Gratitude increases happiness. Notice that...

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Deb Gleeson - 04 September 2017

Being 'wise in hindsight' is not always helpful

Wise in hindsight is a double edged sword When we look at things in hindsight we forget that we are...

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Deb Gleeson - 26 August 2017

Gambling is a mental health problem

Mental Health is a continuum that we all move along throughout our life. People with Gambling Problems have a mental...

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Deb Gleeson - 13 August 2017

Addiction can happen when you least expect it....

This week I realised I was becoming addicted… . Yesterday I got a shock. I went to my operating account...

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Deb Gleeson - 25 July 2017

What is trauma to me may not be trauma to you and vice versa

What is trauma to me may not be trauma to you and vice versa. What is a traumatic event? Most...

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