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Thank you so much for this information. I have to say I have been so impressed with the service you have given us – you absolutely do everything you say you will and follow everything up. That is rare these days.
It was an absolute pleasure getting to know you and Deb and I know everyone in our group feels the same. I have already been able to put what we learnt to good use last Friday when I had a worker who has been off on stress come in to speak with me. What I learned in the course really helped me to handle the situation with confidence and I feel the employee received a much better experience for it.
I will definitely look into the mentally healthy workplace link and will be in touch if I need some help with that.
Thanks again David, for everything. I don't think you have seen the last of us. Trudi Breton
Good clear course, easy to understand. I will have the information ready if I need to use it Vicki Hein
Mental Health Partners provided a comprehensive and robust training to assist in understanding and helping people with mental health illness. The conversation that is driven from the content in the course helps build strong workplace teams to assist in better supporting and caring for staff experiencing mental health issues. I highly recommend the course to anyone looking to broaden their understanding, knowledge and skills in this area. Sarah Noblet
The Mental First Aid Course was by far the best information and learning experience I have had. I have already put the experience I have learned into practice and feel so much more confident in doing so. I would highly recommend this course to others working in this field not only for their clients but also for family members and friends. Sandy Bright
Very well presented, High level of understanding and experience Paul Johanson
Mental Health Partners provide an excellent Mental Health First Aid course in a relaxed an inclusive setting. David and Deb are passionate people with a wealth of life experiences and their presentation is very user friendly and down to earth. Really hits the mark particularly for those dealing with mental health challenges in the workplace and in the community in general. Patrick Manning
I am eager to utilise the techniques and skills learned to help people around me, the explanations of the many different illnesses and the approach were particular strengths of the course. Nicholas Moran
I've recently completed the Mental Health First Aid Course with Mental Health Partners. The course content was very informative, and the facilitators were very knowledgeable. This is a great course to complete for both workplace and life in general. The information I have taken away from this course is invaluable. Laura B
Records show most people have a mental health issue at some time in their lives. That being said, this training would have to be very worthwhile and time well spent, even for those not working in human services or in a helping profession. The course is important in helping one to feel more confident in asking if someone is okay and being able to listen and provided by knowledgeable, skilled and friendly trainers. Helen Massey
I really enjoyed the experience, learnt and achieved confidence. It was an easy , clear, interactive and relaxed way to learn with real examples Deb Schmidt
Very knowledgeable trainers, well presented and easy to follow. Provided some much needed skills that I can take back into my role to serve our clients more effectively. Craig Calliess
The course was conducted very professional, the content was a lot more than expected hence it gave a lot of food for thought. I can see where various working groups whom are dealing with customers from all walks of life would have gained an abundance of knowledge from attending the Course. For us the Course gave us lots of areas whereby we as grandparents having to deal with a difficult teenager who has a host of problems, a better way we can approach each issue as it's presented. We gained extra advice where we can find additional which we will be taking up as soon as we can. Our thanks go to David, Deb and Caitlin for a job well done. Alan Bailey
My wife did this course with trainers Deb and David. She said they made this course worth attending because they provided real life examples and experiences which made a real difference for her style of learning. They delivered the content of the course in a very engaging way, which means she will remember the actions of a mental health first-aider and feel confident to assist where possible. Adam Carver
This course was awesome! So much great information and loads of practical examples to give you the skills and confidence to approach a person and ask about mental health issues. The trainers are excellent and passionate about what they do and this comes across. They create a safe environment and as they have first hand experience in dealing with mental health issues their insights are invaluable. It's fantastic that they will also offer a lifetime warranty, so if you, your family, colleagues or friends are going through a mental health issue and need support and advice on what to do you can call upon them for help! Highly recommend Mental Health Partners! Colette Chorley