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Online Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander MHFA online only

(Approx 14 Hours – Certified and Accredited for 3 years)


This 14-hour AMHFA Course teaches Aboriginal orTorres Strait Islander adults (18 years and over) how to provide Mental Health First Aid to friends and family.

This course has been culturally adapted for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and is taught by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Instructors.

The course teaches first aid skills for helping indigenous people experiencing a mental health crisis, mental health problems or the early stages of mental illness.

What You’ll Learn

Developing Mental Health Issues Covered:

Mental health crises covered:

Course Format

The online element of the course takes around 8-hours to complete. This is then supported by 4-hours of face to face practical training with our experienced facilitators. The practical training will support your on-line learning and uses case studies, videos, role-playing and group work to take you through a range of different mental health issues and scenarios you may face.

All participants will receive an in-depth Mental Health First Aid manual to keep for reference and certification will be issued on the day of completion.

Who can attend a MHFA course?

MHFA is open to all participants and is ideally aimed at those aged 18 or above. The course is designed to be educational and is not a therapy or support group.

Note: The information provided in MHFA courses is for general mental health first aid only and is not intended to be and should not be relied upon as a substitute for specific professional medical advice.


Accreditation is issued directly by Mental Health First Aid Australia. All participants who have completed a MHFA course will be invited to take a short online accreditation assessment. Full detail here.

Once accredited you will be eligible to be appointed as a Mental Health First Aid officer within the workplace. Read all about the MHFAider Program here.

Our Trainers

All our Mental Health First Aid course facilitators have undertaken rigorous training with Mental Health First Aid Australia and are highly experienced in their field. Compassionate and caring all our trainers have first-hand lived experience of dealing with Mental Health issues in the field and in everyday life. Dedicated and experienced our trainers will ensure you can build the skills, confidence, and knowledge you’ll need to recognise, approach and support someone who is developing or suffering from a mental health issue. For more information on our team click here.

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