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David Moran - 27 July 2021

FiveAA Interview with Tony Pilkington

How can we best support each other in times of lockdown?

I recently spoke with Tony Pilkington on 5AA about the dramatic increase in email and phone contact we received when the most recent lockdown was announced.

There was a lot of fear and anxiety within the community as people wondered how they were going to juggle work and home schooling or deal with loss of income and isolation.

In the interview I outline a couple of ways we can keep ourselves and those around us feel safe during uncertain times, including:

  • note people's changing behaviour and make time to chat
  • remember that kids are more resilient than we think
  • there is a lot of support out there that is easy to access, make sure you find the right sites that provide help and don't add to your stress ( listed under the 'resources' area of our website).

"Most people just need someone to listen to them and to understand...let them have some time, let them have some space..."

Listen to the interview here

Remember, Mental Health is everyone's business.