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Someone I know is having a crisis

When someone is in a mental health crisis, they maybe of risk to themselves.

You need to ask the questions:

I am concerned about you. Are you having thoughts of killing yourself?

If the person is having thoughts of hurting or killing themselves right NOW, please call an ambulance on 000 or take the person to an Emergency Department or a GP. It is important not to leave this person alone until they get help.

Are you having thoughts of hurting yourself?

If a person says yes they are having thoughts of hurting or killing themselves but are not thinking of acting on these thoughts, they maybe reluctant to go due to past experiences or not feeling sure about what will happen to them.

Things you could do:

  • Offer to go with them if possible or at least help them make an appointment.
  • Offer to write down what is happening for them to hand to the doctor if they feel overwhelmed or get them to talk through what they might say once they are there.
  • Let them know that a past bad experience is not likely to happen again so try to give them confidence to go – talk about * what happened before and how they could try to make it different this time.
  • Let them know that suicidal thoughts are common but acting on them is not.

Assist the person to contact

Urgent Mental Health Critical Care - available for walk ins.
(08) 8448 9100

Lifeline 24hr Counselling 13 11 14 Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467 Youthline Suicide 1800 350 670

Support the person by reassuring them that the person they contact is there to listen.

They will not be judged.

They will not think the person is crazy.

What they will do is listen and give them some understanding into what is happening for them.

Ring now – they are available 24/7