0402 749 850
  1. The first operator will ask if you want Police, Ambulance or Fire. You want Ambulance and that is all you say to this person. They cannot listen to anything else.
  2. When the ambulance operator answers they will first ask you for the address where you are.
  3. They have a script which they must follow and if you deviate from it by trying to tell them something else, they will only come back to their script.
  4. *When they ask you what the issue is say “This is a Mental Health Crisis
  5. They will still have to ask you questions like, is the person breathing, conscious etc. ?
  6. If you are ringing because YOU are having suicidal thoughts and believe you are going to act on them, then just say that.
  7. REMAIN CALM and you will get a chance to tell them your story.
  8. The operators are trained ‘triage’ staff.
  9. Sometimes they may put you onto someone with more Mental Health experience. This isn’t deserting you. It’s making sure you get the best help possible.
  10. If you are ringing because someone else is having suicidal thoughts and behaviours, just tell the operator that.
  11. Stay calm and just tell them exactly what is happening.
  12. They will ask you if you are safe (that’s them doing their job)
  13. You can ask the operator for advice and they can stay on the line with you until the ambulance arrives.
  14. They may offer this but if not you can ask them not to hang up.
  15. *Ambulance and Police have certain responsibilities under the Mental Health Act. That is why it is important to tell them straight away that it is a mental health issue.