It Makes Good Business Sense 

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is listed as the only international program in the work space with published evidence of effectiveness.

Why Mental Health First Aid is Suitable Workplace Training.

Most people now know that mental health problems are common and disabling. As a whole, Australian workplaces lose more than six million working days a year in sick leave due to mental illness[1]. Employees struggling with mental health problems may find it difficult to maintain their usual levels of productivity, leading to presenteeism[2] and absenteeism.

Unfortunately, there may not be many people in a workplace who would know how to offer help to a co-worker who is developing depression, troublesome anxiety or a substance use disorder. In other cases, a co-worker may be unsure if it is appropriate to offer help and perhaps only intervene once someone reaches a crisis, such as suicidal thinking. Fortunately, mental illnesses often develop slowly. Given that the majority of adults spend more time at work than elsewhere, the workplace is where the early signs and symptoms of a developing mental health problem can first be noticed.

1 Andrews G, Hall W, Teesson M, and Henderson S. (1999). The Mental Health of Australians. Mental Health Branch, Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care.

2 Defined as “employees attending work when they are unwell.”