All workplaces have obligations under the occupational health and safety (OHS) and disability discrimination legislation to understand mental illness and how to talk about mental illness.

Graeme Innes AM Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commissioner, 2010 Workers with Mental Illness a Practical Guide for Managers.

It contributes to staff wellbeing 

Knowledge of Mental Illness and how to work with someone experiencing a Mental Illness or a Mental Health Crisis will:

  • Support you to create a safe and healthy workplace
  • Be a first step toward developing mental health strategies for your workplace
  • Provide participants with an understanding of mental illness
  • Provide participants with an ability to support a person developing a mental illness or having a mental health crisis.

Mental Health First Aid has a course specifically designed for training staff in the workplace. It is called Blended Mental Health First Aid for the White Collar Workplace.