Our Mission Statement Is – “Training with integrity to strengthen our community”

Our team are committed to giving each participant in their chosen course the most positive result possible.

Our Team have a lived experience of Mental Illness, and will strive to pass on their experience in the most practical way.

We will, at no charge:

  • Hold an information gathering session to ensure your needs are met
  • Hold up to two meeting(s) with organisations to ensure organisational goals are achieved alongside each participants goals.
  • Train using a two person team
  • Offer to all participants a life long service warranty
  • Provide all course materials at no added cost
  • Ensure practical skills are a vital part of each course
  • Offer discounted courses to Not for Profits
  • Offer free places where appropriate
  • Keep our team up to date with the latest information (for more see our commitment to continuous education)