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supporting someone living with a mental health problem over the Christmas period


Wondering how to support someone living with a mental health problem over Christmas?

Christmas can be a time of love, family and happiness but for others it can be a time when isolation is highlighted and other mental health problems come to the fore.

How do we support those we know have a mental health problem over Christmas?

If someone you care about is struggling over the Christmas period here are some tips of how to give your support.

  1. Spend time with them in a way that is meaningful to them. For instance if they would rather have a walk on the beach with one or two people rather than a Christmas event filled with people they don’t know well, then make time for this. Ask what they would like to make their time meaningful over this period.
  2. Use your super powers. If you are someone who cooks, them make meals and deliver them. If you are an organiser, offer to help organise their diary for the new year. If you are the consummate friend, spend time on a bad Christmas movie night or something else. Time is precious and everyone appreciates time spent thoughtfully.
  3. Do the things that make people feel remembered and that they matter at this time of year…..send cards, deliver flowers or cookies, invite them to events (even if you know they won’t come, it’s the thought that counts).
  4. Do something unexpected...cover their front door mat in sequins, visit and sing carols, take decorations around and help them decorate their home or front door.

If you are concerned about the safety of the person please click here for how to get help for someone who may be having suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Remember mental health is everyone’s business and people living with mental health problems need our support over this period.


Blog Post written by:
Deb Gleeson