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Very Interesting. Learnt A lot.

- Carolee Fischer

Thank you for the valuable course, the clarity and practicality of the information

- Christine Adams

I really enjoyed the experience, learnt and achieved confidence. It was an easy , clear, interactive and relaxed way to learn with real examples

- Deb Schmidt

Excellent course, user friendly, will be extremely helpful both professionally and personally, very practical and evidence based.

- Deborah King

The course was interesting and insightful, the facilitators had great knowledge to back up and support content

- Heather Franks

Very positive, very well presented, the materials and practical examples were very clear

- Heather Hewittson

Excellent, I will be able to understand and manage any clients with mental Health issues

- June Haaren

I am eager to utilise the techniques and skills learned to help people around me, the explanations of the many different illnesses and the approach were particular strengths of the course.

- Nicholas Moran

Excellent, gained skills that can be used to have better outcomes for clients

- Patricia Luty

Information very well presented, Balanced and factual, very comprehensive

- Patricia Tirimarco

Very well presented, High level of understanding and experience

- Paul Johanson

Excellent, well presented and paced session, Simple management of my issues provided, enjoyed greatly

- Paul Rowley

Informative & Engaging

- Penny Coxon

I really enjoyed this course & learnt valuable information, the instructors were approachable and friendly

- Rachel Gray

Very Interesting & informative, great MHFA Manual

- Sharene Newcombe

Good clear course, easy to understand. I will have the information ready if I need to use it

- Vicki Hein